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Phillip Gere - President of 5 Star Exteriors and Interiors

5 Star’s President, Phillip Gere, started his home improvement career very early on. This began with his first paid job, painting barns in rural Monroe County at the ripe age of 10!

The Kid that Loved  “This Old House”

As a youth, Phillip Gere chose to opt-out of Saturday morning cartoons in exchange for a few episodes of “This Old House.” Home remodeling always interested Phillip and it quickly became his career choice. 

After over 11 years in the construction business, Phillip had the opportunity to start his first business, PG Contracting, in 2006. As the business began to grow, it became more than just a contracting company, and more about the customer experience. With early success and amazing customer reviews, he expanded the business and formed 5 star interiors and 5 star exteriors. He began to employ more people that shared his passion for home improvement and building customer relationships and 5 Star grew to become Monroe County’s premier home improvement contracting company.

Although the company has grown far beyond the humble beginnings of that single truck and one employee, our values and quality remain the same. Allow us the opportunity to share the passion that drives our company to gain new customers daily!

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