Durable, great looking siding that’s virtually maintenance free


Siding Replacement and Installation

5 Star installs the highest quality vinyl siding products by CertainTeed and Tando available on the market today. Our siding installations will last year after year – no need for painting or replacement. If you’re ready to enjoy your home without the hassle of scraping, sanding, priming, painting and caulking every few years, 5 Star can help!

Durable vinyl siding stands up to wind and rain, and even fire. Keep your home safe by adding vinyl siding to your property’s exterior.

Why Choose 5 Star Siding?

Always Go with 5 Star Siding Solutions!

  • Proper Installation is Critical

    If you decide to get vinyl siding, installation is just important as the quality of the product. Improperly installed siding can cause myriad problems for homeowners, ending up in costly repairs.

  • Conceals Scratches

    Scratches are rarely visible on Vinyl siding because the color carries all the way through the material, it's not just on the surface! Also, scratched vinyl siding won't rust like aluminum will.

  • Peak Performance in Any Climate

    Resistance to extreme temperature is another benefit of vinyl siding, which means it can be installed in nearly any climate.

  • Easy Upkeep

    While aluminum siding might take a long time to re-install if damaged, this is not the case with vinyl siding. Our materials are relatively easy to install, especially when you have experienced professionals from 5 Star Exteriors on the task.

  • Siding Installation & Repairs

    5 Star Exteriors offers efficient, reliable siding installation and repair. With substantial experience and numerous siding projects under our belt, we'll manage any type of siding job, no matter the size and scope. If your siding is damaged in any way, fading, or malfunctioning, the siding specialists at 5 Star will quickly mitigate damage, assess the problem, and fix it.


What's Included in Our Special Packages?

5 Star Siding Package: